Amanda Rodgers Cumbo

Amanda enjoys helping people find hope no matter the depth of their struggle. She believes that therapy is a sacred place where people can feel “felt” listened to and really heard. As a certified Soul Healing Love therapist and a daughter of the founders of the model she has grown up using it to resolve conflict and reconcile differences in her family of origin. She loves to work with couples and help them reconnect, develop empathy and find forgiveness. She also likes working with pre-marital couples and is certified in Prepare/Enrich Model. Amanda has additional training in DBT, Play Therapy, and Neuroscience-Based Treatments. She sees individuals, couples, and children ages 6 and up.

She has experience with:

Amanda earned her MA in Christian Counseling at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and a BS in Biology from University of North Carolina. She tailors her sessions to help clients set obtainable goals and reach their full potential while experiencing the Soul Healing Love that Christ has for them.

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