Max Eckerson

Max is passionate about creating a safe space for his clients to process through life’s challenges and invite God into the center of their healing journey. Max’s goal is to help individuals be mentally and emotionally healthy so that they can enjoy their life to the fullest. Max wants to come alongside you during the difficult moments and help you navigate them in a healthy manner and empower you to better understand yourself. Max believes that by helping his clients become self-aware and understand their God-given design, they will be resourced to be effective in all areas of your life. Max is committed to normalizing and removing the taboo around counseling so that his clients know that reaching out for help is actually a sign of strength.

Max’s approach to counseling is collaborative and focuses on what works best for each unique client. Max wants to provide each individual with the proper tools so that they can learn, grow, and succeed with confidence. Max utilizes therapy styles such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, and Soul Healing Love Model. 

Max enjoys working with a variety of clients including individuals, couples, and families. Max has experience working with depression, anxiety, verbal/emotional/physical abuse, emotional trauma, Personality Disorders, spiritual abuse, communication issues, regulating emotional health and much more.  

Max grew up in a pastor’s home and he and his wife have served in pastoral ministry for over a decade. Max is passionate about helping leaders, pastors, and their families by creating a safe space for them to navigate the mental and emotional effects of a life in ministry. Max understands the pressure of balancing ministry, family, and emotional health. Max wants to help pastors avoid burnout and extend the longevity of their calling in ministry. 

Max is a graduate student at Liberty University and will complete his degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in December 2021. Max earned his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Liberty University in 2018. Max has experience working in a clinical practice setting interning in multiple private practices during his Bachelor and Master’s program. During this time, he gained experience working with marriage counseling, adolescent depression, suicidal ideations, anxiety, emotional regulation, group therapy, and divorce care. Max has been certified in Symbis Assessment for premarital and marital couples. Max is also a certified telehealth practitioner.

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