Sarah Hill

Dr. Sarah Hill is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has been in the field for the last decade treating individuals, couples, families, teens and children. She has a deep desire to help people find hope and healing with Christ at the center of each therapy session, and believes that therapy is a sacred, special place for each person to feel heard, validated, and transformed by the overall healing process. Most importantly, when it comes to counseling, Dr. Hill is most passionate about helping her clients identify the greater purpose in their pain, and the potential that God has given them to experience an incredible healing in their life.

Sarah has worked at the Center for Couples Therapy at Florida State University where she earned her Doctorate and also provided in-home family therapy while earning here Masters in Counseling Psychology at William James College of Boston. Sarah was counselor at Thomasville Road Baptist Church in Tallahassee for the past 4 years and at present is an Assistant Professor in Marriage and Family Therapy at Pfeiffer University in Charlotte.

Sarah enjoys working with trauma, PTSD, childhood wounds, depression, anxiety, stress management, relationships issue, infidelity, high conflict, grief and loss, parenting, spiritual concerns, financial stress and more. She has a specialty in working with children and youth through play and expressive therapies, as well as supporting parents with behavior and emotional-management training in order to maximize communication and strengthen relationships. Sarah is excited to join the team at Rodgers and work on her certification in the Soul Healing Love Model. In her time off, Dr. Sarah Hill enjoys helping her family tend to their 55 acre cattle ranch in West Texas, where she tends to the chickens, cows, cats and dogs.

Sarah is no longer taking new weekly therapy clients but is accepting case consultations at this time. Case consultations may include recommendations for higher level care, parenting options and services, quick marriage tune ups, support for grad students in maneuvering the MFT credentialing process/ exam, and overall questions related to therapy options in the field.

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