RCC Now Offers Teletherapy

The current times we are in are uncertain and can be very scary. The impact Covid-19 is having on each of you is very different. Some people are essential and still working out of the home, some have transitioned to in home work and for many of you your kids are running all around. Juggling work changes, financial uncertainty, health scares and more can really impact your physical and mental health. We are here for you during this transition and uncertainty.

What is Teletherapy?

We can now do virtual visits to a therapist using your phone or computer.

Although we miss seeing everyone face-to-face there are lots of pros of telehealth and distance counseling!

What clients are saying:

How does this work? We are so glad you asked! Here is some information about what you need to know:

This allows us to provide counseling while maintaining health and social distancing.

It is simple to use and research states it can be as effective as face-to-face therapy for most individuals, couples and families.

All you will need is an internet connection and a private space.

If interested, please reach out and we are happy to help you through this time.


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