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Differences in Courting Rituals in the 1900s versus the 2000s

 1900: The courting call was a complicated event. One had to observe the appropriate amount of time between invitation and actual visit. 

2000: “Maybe I’ll drop by later.” 

1900: It was extremely important to conduct a proper discussion on only a small amount of topics, all of which covered the man’s interests, but nothing too personal. 

2000: “Hand me the remote for the game, hon.” 

1900: Men sent absurdly romantic letters gushing such scribes as a “thousand kisses for you,” and “forever yours.” 

2000: “E-mail me.” 

1900: It was customary for a local older woman to serve as a matchmaker for young couples. This woman was well known and well regarded in her town or village and garnered much respect from her peers and their offspring. 


1900: Parlor games were common and usually played with the chaperone. 

2000: Couples spend their time working out at the gym. 

1900: Men had to go out of their way and spend a great deal of their wages to bring their young ladies a gift of chocolate, a symbol of love. 


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