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How do I Handle my Emotions During Covid-19 or Any Crisis?

How are you? A common question during this time of crisis. A time filled with anxiety, fear, depression, chaos and the unknown. Others are checking in with us to see how we are and what we need. But what if you don’t know what you need? What if you don’t know HOW you feel? And, certainly what if you don’t know what to do next?

It is important that during a crisis (and really everyday) we ask ourselves how we are doing. As individuals we are pulled in so many different directions and we need to check in with our own mind, body and soul regularly to see what we need and how to get it. So, take a few moments and sit down quietly with yourself and ask some of the following questions:

1. Where in my body am I feeling different? Do I feel it in my stomach, neck, shoulders or head? Mentally do a body scan from the bottom of your toes to the top of your head and take note of any feelings in any part of your body. Pause at each different body part and notice any sensations.

2. Describe how it feels. Could it be tension, stress, anxiety, worry or fear? It could be positive, negative or neutral.

3. On a scale 0-10 name the number associated with how it feels. 10 being the worst ever and 0 being the best ever. Are you happy with that number? Do you wish it were different? Do you wish it were lower?

4. Ask yourself what you need to get to a different number? For example, if you identified stress in your shoulders and it is at a level 7. What would you need to do to get it to a level 6? How would it feel if you were at a different number? Visualize what that would look like.

5. Create a list of things that you CAN do (or not do) that will help YOU during this time. This list is not meant to be stressful- it is meant to be a relief and to help that part of you feeling off and different. 
Some calming suggestions:
  • Go for a walk
  • Rest in silence for 5 minutes
  • Listen to peaceful music
  • Read the bible or a devotion

6. Afterwards take a mental note of how you feel and what number you are. Was the activity you did helpful? Do you need to do it more often? What could you have done differently?

There is no wrong way to do this. The goal is to get you understanding your body and mind. And, creating a way for you to meet your own needs. So much right now is out of our control and completely different then we are used to. You can do this activity by yourself, with your partner and even teach your kids how to do this!

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