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Marriage Tips For The Soul Healing Couple

1. Learn how your childhood affects your marital relationship. 

2. Learn what your soul wounds are as well as what your spouse’s soul wounds are. 

3. Recognize how they can be triggered in your marriage. 

4. Pray for God’s soul healing love to heal your childhood soul wounds and your spouse’s . 

5. Know that every couple has at least three issues that they conflict about. The top 6 toxic subjects are sex, money, roles, in-laws, jealousy over time spent outside the marriage, and child rearing. 

6. Learn to communicate effectively 

7. Practice empathy daily 

8. Be forgiving. 

9. Go to at least one marriage weekend a year. 

10. Couples who pray together, stay together. Couples who play together do too. Make laughter, play, and prayer a regular part of your daily lives. 

11. Date each other regularly. 

12. It takes at least 5 positive affirmations to make up for one criticism. Find at least 3 things that you like about your spouse and tell him weekly. 

13. Limit time spent outside the marriage. Guard your time together as a couple. It is sacred. 

14. Don’t sweat the small stuff in marriage. Men will always be men …Enough Said! 

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