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Soul Healing Love Leaders – Deposit Only

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For counselors, pastors, lay leaders, marriage mentors, and anyone else who wants to learn how to use the Soul Healing Love Model. It is a full-day training 9am-5pm, materials and lunch included.

  • Learn and Teach the Foundational Theories of Soul Healing Love
  • Facilitate a Couples Diagnostic: How to determine soul wounds by using the Soul Healogram with others
  • Helping Couples communicate effectively through anger management, conflict resolution, reconciling differences
  • Train couples in tools to put fun and romance back into marriage 
  • Instruct couples toward Empathy, Understanding, and Forgiveness in Marriages
  • Learn how to turn couples that hurt into couples that heal

Participants must also attend a 15-hr Soul Healers Weekend and/or view the 3-DVD Soul Healers Leaders Training  Series. Upon completion you will earn a Certification as a Soul Healer.


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