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What do you believe about God?

Sarah Young in her great devotional, Jesus Calling, makes the statement that wounded people have trouble with faith. We agree . If you were told or made to believe by a parent that you were not loved, or not good enough this can leave a deep wound of inferiority in you that we call a soul wound. This sense of worthlessness from your soul wound can cause you to see God in much the same negative light as you did your parents.  As a young Christian I (Bev) thought of God as a celestial parent who only loved me if I did good and punished me if I did bad. It took years of therapy, education, study of Scripture and a lot of prayer to change that message embedded in my brain. The good news is it can change. Memorizing Scripture about God’s love and care can be a great place to start. There are so many Scriptures about the God’s Unconditional Soul Healing Love. I challenge you to make your own list and replay them regularly in your mind. If you do this you will watch your faith soar.

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