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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

“Our marriage was stressed because of the demands of our careers and our two small children. We weren’t even talking to each other any more. After attending the Soul Healers Workshop we slowly began to mend. The tools and techniques that we learned in this workshop saved our relationship.”

“We had been married 33 years and our divorce was about to be finalized when my attorney suggested we take one last stab at our marriage and go to the Soul Healers Weekend. Neither one of us really wanted to go, but we did for the kids and the 33 years of history. The techniques we learned at the workshop helped us start to communicate again after many years. I am happy and amazed to say that we did not finalize our divorce and I have a new best friend—my wife. My kids and grandkids are happy, and so are we.”

“Our marriage was very stale. We didn’t talk much and didn’t seem to really like each other. The Soul Healers Weekend brought fun and laughter back into our marriage. Now, my husband puts down the remote and we actually talk. I am so glad we learned these tools.”

“Our marriage was on the rocks because I had an affair. I was sure that my wife would never forgive me. Things did not look good. A colleague recommended that we go the Soul Healers Weekend. We learned so much about ourselves and why this happened to us. We learned techniques that helped us talk and really listen to each other. That weekend my wife started the forgiving process. Now, we are still together and healing. I can thank God and what we learned at the Soul Healers weekend for this.”

“The Soul Healers Workshop helps couples bring into reality the principles of I Peter 3:8 where we are to be of one mind and have compassion one for another. Since this workshop is both practical and Biblical, its results are life changing and a great help to anyone’s marriage.”

“Soul Healing Love provides a road map for a couple’s spiritual journey. It gives guidance for transforming struggles into sacredness and fear into faith. The tools and techniques you will learn will give you the answers you seek and the solutions you need to create a loving relationship.”

“As a pastor in Charlotte for the past 20 years, I have had the opportunity to refer to Rodgers Christian Counseling many times. They offer a unique combination of practical skills and spiritual insight in counseling that helps couples and individuals bring Agape love and deeper commitment to their relationships. I heartily endorse their ministry.”

“I have been associated with Tom and Bev Rodgers at Rodgers Christian Counseling for nearly 20 years. I have found them to be counselors of the highest quality and Christian character in their field and highly endorse their work and speaking.”

“I’m honored to recommend Rodgers Christian Counseling as a place for hope and healing. Their counsel is scripturally based and spirit led. Their ministry has been a gift from God to our church family. We are thankful for the ministry of Rodgers Christian Counseling Associates.”

“I highly endorse the Rodgers Speaking and writing ministry.”

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