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Welcome to Rodgers Christian Counseling​
Quality professional counseling with a sensitive emphasis on Christian values and truths.
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Providing HOPE Through Life's Troubles

Quality professional counseling with a sensitive emphasis on Christian values and truths.

Are you or someone you love dealing with difficult life issues or relationship struggles? Does life seem hard and you wonder where God is? Our team of quality professional counselors and coaches want to help. With a gentle, loving hand we can guide you through life’s storms.

Together, Drs. Beverly and Tom Rodgers have developed the Soul Healing Love Model, coauthored 5 books and produced various CD’s and DVD’s.

We at RCCA are honored that you have chosen us and look forward to walking with you on your healing journey.

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Drs. Tom and Bev Rodgers

Providing HOPE Through Life's Troubles

Counseling, Training, & Workshops


Individual, Marital, Family, Adolescent and Child Therapy.

Healing The Soul: Master Series

Get out of negative ruts, stop your unhealthy mindsets, move to a positive perspective on life and build healthier relationships, with this Master Series.


Healing from past trauma. Marital enrichment, healing, and restoration.

Soul Healing Love: Leader Training

Take the mystery out of couple's therapy. With Soul Healing Love, you'll never feel ill-prepared for or shy away from couple’s work again.

Supervision & Training

To provide supervision to new counselors and trainees that will enhance your counseling skills and support your professional growth.

Soul Healing Love: Couples Workshop

Tired of the same old conflicts in your relationship? Certain subjects always ending in a fight? This Series will help you correct these relationship dilemmas and many more.

Couples Intensives

Learn how to communicate effectively, resolve conflict, reconcile differences, and enhance empathy.

RCCA Statement of Faith

Learn more about our beliefs here at RCCA. Click link below for our statement of faith.

Soul Healing Love

Over a lifetime of experience in clinical therapy, we developed
“Soul Healing Love” – a therapy model that can help you learn and heal from your past to create thriving relationships with your spouse and family.

After seeing countless people and relationships transform using the Soul Healing Love method, we couldn’t help but make these courses available to everyone.

Now, you can take them yourself online. It’s time to become the true YOU, the person God created you to be.

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