Stephanie Trantham

Stephanie Trantham is a Montreat College Masters Intern.

Stephanie has a fervent desire to help families, couples and individuals of all backgrounds and issues. She began her professional life in child care, working in a daycare and as a personal nanny where she had the opportunity to work with families from a variety of cultures. 

Upon leaving childcare, she then had 5 years of experience working in a corporate setting. This provided her with an understanding of the pressure that comes with a fast paced, competitive, and stressful job setting and the strain that can have on relationships and personal mental health.

From an early age, Stephanie had the desire to become a foster parent and pour into children and their parents during some of the hardest times of their lives. She and her husband had the opportunity to see that dream come to fruition and was given the honor of coming alongside families to mend, heal, and reunite during their time as foster parents. 

During this time, they were awarded for their inclusive work with biological families. She believes in working

with families and couples by focusing on strengths and building on those aspects of an individual. Stephanie feels that it is important to embrace the unique God given gifts that each person brings to the world. 

She desires to create a collaborative space where everyone can explore their challenges and strengths to work toward a deeper understanding of themselves, and strengthen the relationships they hold with loved ones and the Lord. Her wholistic approach to therapy incorporates all aspects of the person, bringing a perspective that nurtures healing emotionally, relationally and spiritually using the Soul Healing Love model as well as many other methods of healing.
Stephanie is in her third year of a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Montreat College. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with her bachelor’s in Psychology and Human Services, and was accepted at that time into the Pinnacle Society. She is excited to work with Rodgers and help people grow.

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