Holly Tomlinson

Holly Tomlinson is a Masters Intern from Montreat College

Holly carries a conviction that every human was designed for a purpose and to flourish in authentic
connection to unconditional love, in body, mind and soul. She seeks to let the counseling practice be a safe
space and container for healing, equipping, and connection for life’s messiest circumstances or roadblocks.

Her passion is to serve individuals, couples, and families in their unique goals toward thriving in relationships and life.

She has a rich history in Christian ministry as a missionary and trained in healing prayer and Sozo
through the Bethel School of Ministry. She has spent over 10 years ministering to populations in almost every
continent and over 15 years working with children of all ages through coaching sports. 

She has completed phase 1 of The Embody Lab’s certificate program to specialize in trauma-informed care through a somatic (body) lens and completed a year of study and practical experience in life coaching through the Life Consulting Masterclass helping people to examine unhealthy belief systems, get more connected to their emotions and body and create new healthy, Godly neuropathways, through re-parenting, self-compassion and experiencing the love of God while seeing yourself through God’s eyes.

Holly has training in relationships and communication through the Connection Codes and premarital
counseling with Symbis (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) and the Soul Healing Love model. She is in her
final year of a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Liberty University and is glad to be
aboard at Rodgers.

Holly also as a background as a professional soccer player and most recently holistic living, but her
greatest passion is her faith and family.

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