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How To Be A Healthy Person

“The way to attract healthy people is to get healthy yourself. Healthy people attract healthy people. Healthy people know who they are, like who they are and are who they are.” – Charles Swindoll

How To Be A Healthy Person:

  1. You know yourself and you know God.
  2. You continue to know and trust God to heal your past and look for a better future and have a deep
    personal loving relationship with Him.
  3. In self-examination you are not frightened about what you see.
  4. You see your shadow, sin patterns and move to change them with the help of God and those around you.
  5. Which means you are not afraid to ask for help, seek out a therapist, mentor, pastor, support group or
    other means for your growth and healing.
  6. You are flexible and adaptable to all of life’s changes.
  7. You are an actor not a reactor because you know the source of your soul wounds and are actively
    working on healing them.
  8. You regulate your emotions and learn to self soothe because you are aware of your triggers and soul
    wounds that cause them.
  9. You don’t repress emotions or hurl them in anger. You practice intentionally and balance of emotions in
    your life and relationships.
  10. You have compassion and empathy but do not let them overtake you and lead to over-caring, over-fixing
    or codependency.
  11. You have no other idols than the Lord especially relationships.
  12. You don’t compare yourself to others because you love who you are.
  13. Communicate in an open and honest manner.
  14. You don’t blame or shame others you practice ownership, truth and honesty.
  15. You are quick to forgive and don’t harbor resentment and bitterness.

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