How To Be A Healthy Person

“The way to attract healthy people is to get healthy yourself. Healthy people attract healthy people. Healthy people know who they are, like who they are and are who they are.” – Charles Swindoll How To Be A Healthy Person: You know yourself and you know God. You continue to know and trust God to […]

Reasons For Soul Wounds

“We can rejoice too when we run into problems for we know that they are good for us-they help us learn to be patient. And patience develops strength of character in us and helps us trust God more each time we use it until finally our hope and faith will often of an invasive nature […]

How to Turn a Bad Day Into a Good One

By Linda Newton, Pastoral Counselor Is anyone out there afraid to check the headlines these days? The world is filled with such negative news that it can be hard to think positively. However, we can direct our thoughts more than we realize, especially if we ask the Holy Spirit for help. Here are some tools […]

How to Accept the Unacceptable?

There are times in our lives when we are asked to accept a situation or circumstance that is just too hard to accept; A loved one who passed because the hospital simply did not have that staff to do all that they could to save him, a murder of a son or daughter who was […]

How To Deal With Loss During The Holidays

By Dr. Beverly Rodgers In the last two years we have treated grief and loss more that perhaps our entire 43 years of being therapists. Grief is all around us.  So many people have a loss of a friend, relative, close family member, pet or spouse. Many have lost several people close to them. We […]

Why Is Gratitude So Important?

By Dr. Beverly Rodgers  It seems that feeling and expressing gratitude is touted by everyone from talk-show hosts to magazine editors. Oprah, Dr. Oz, Women’s Day all declare the virtues of Gratitude. Gratitude Journals pop up everywhere especially in this season of Thanksgiving which is an entire holiday dedicated to…well Gratitude. The reason is simple; […]

What Is The Soul Healing Love Model?

By Drs. Bev and Tom Rodgers  The Soul Healing Love Model integrates psychological principles with biblical truths.  The basic tenets of the Soul Healing Love Model are that God’s unconditional love heals our soul wounds and restores us to wholeness. Jeremiah 30:17 says, “I will restore health unto thee and heal thee of thy wounds.” […]

What Is Intentional Dating?

Intentional Dating is a balance between the marriage-focused courtship of the past, and the casual recreational dating of the present.  Characteristics of Intentional Dating  • It is not driven by sex it is driven by God  • Family and friends provided input  • Intentional daters have a deliberate conscious mindset about dating and mating.  • […]

What Does Healthy Parenting Look Like?

By Bev and Tom Rodgers  Our nation’s families are under attack. Traditional marriage once seen as a revered institution and covenant to last a life time has been minimized to a sentimental ceremony or overlooked altogether. This is possibly because of the high divorce rate in our country, and the marriage rate is dropping as […]

What Do Easter Eggs & The Cross Have In Common?

By Dr. Bev Rodgers  Many Christians, including me, find ourselves saddened at how secular commercialism has overtaken sacred holidays. As Christmas we are bombarded by Santa and Reindeer that eclipse our Savior’s birth. Now before Spring has sprung, stores sprout bunnies and colorful eggs that over-shadow Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross. In fact, holy […]

Differences in Courting Rituals in the 1900s versus the 2000s

 1900: The courting call was a complicated event. One had to observe the appropriate amount of time between invitation and actual visit.  2000: “Maybe I’ll drop by later.”  1900: It was extremely important to conduct a proper discussion on only a small amount of topics, all of which covered the man’s interests, but nothing too […]

Marriage Tips For The Soul Healing Couple

1. Learn how your childhood affects your marital relationship.  2. Learn what your soul wounds are as well as what your spouse’s soul wounds are.  3. Recognize how they can be triggered in your marriage.  4. Pray for God’s soul healing love to heal your childhood soul wounds and your spouse’s .  5. Know that […]

How To Heal Past Hurts & Painful Experiences

By Drs. Bev and Tom Rodgers  We all have experienced painful things in our past; a betrayal from a trusted friend, or spouse, negative words spoken in anger by a parent, and some have even experienced physical abuse at the hands of those who were supposed to love us. We call these hurts, Soul Wounds. […]

How To Capture Your Child’s Heart For God

By Dr. Beverly and Tom Rodgers  We started attending one of the fastest growing churches in our area about the time I got my license in marital and family therapy. I was the first Christian counselor in the area so many of the families started seeing me for help with their kids and teens. The […]

How The Soul Healing Love Model Works

By Drs. Bev and Tom Rodgers  The Soul Healing Love Model was developed by veteran Christian Relationship Counselors Drs. Beverly and Tom Rodgers. The foundation of the model is that we are all wounded in some way. We call these wounds soul wounds. Most people bring that baggage into their dating, marital and family relationships. […]

How Christian Counseling Saves Marriages

By Drs. Bev and Tom Rodgers  Christian Counseling is different because in addition to using evidence-based models, tools and techniques it also incorporates the client’s relationship with Jesus Christ and how that relationship can be healed by experiencing His Love and Grace in their lives. This is what the Soul Healing Love Model does. People […]

Four Things That Can Spice Up Your Marriage

By Drs. Beverly and Tom Rodgers  1. Don’t Forget to Play  A common theme for couples who are in conflict is that they no longer laugh and play together. The stress and strain of married life can cause many couples to become too serious. Research shows that laughter and play are not only key ingredients […]

Do You Need More Balance In Your Technology Usage?

By Dr. Bev Rodgers and Rev. Linda Newton In our new book Tech-Pecked or Tuned In: Finding God in a Digital World we share a great deal of research about how technology use can have a negative effect on the brain. Concepts like “switch cost “which is the time it takes to get refocused on […]

A Story of Redemption

By. Dr. Bev Rodgers Taken from the book Soul Healing Love When I walk into my home, on a table in the front foyer is a beautiful silver urn. It shines so brightly that those who enter often comment on it. The story of this urn is illustrative of my life. When I was a […]

How to Survive the Covid Quarantine

The Covid-19 pandemic and the Quarantine that resulted is unprecedented for sure. Daily reports of positive tests and deaths can be a challenge for anyone much less a counselor whose desire is to aid in human suffering. I’d like to share some of that personal experiences with you; the good and the bad challenges and […]

How do I Handle my Emotions During Covid-19 or Any Crisis?

How are you? A common question during this time of crisis. A time filled with anxiety, fear, depression, chaos and the unknown. Others are checking in with us to see how we are and what we need. But what if you don’t know what you need? What if you don’t know HOW you feel? And, […]

Tips for Quarantining with your Spouse

Let’s be honest, one of the hardest things we can do in life is be married. Now add the stress of being locked in a house together worried about the Covid-19 virus and other things like kids and finances. To be honest, our marriages are normally the first relationship that feels this kind of stress. […]

Fear and Trust…Does it Make Me a Bad Christian to have Both?

Are you afraid right now? Because i’m gonna just be totally honest. I am scared. There are days when I’m terrified, reading the news fiendishly to see if there’s been an update to the death tolls, the outbreaks in my county, trying to find out if my family and I are safe. Then there are […]

How to Deal With Kids 24/7 During the Stay At Home Order

Parents of young children, we are here for you! In this time of uncertainty, we know you are faced with a host of changes to daily life and routine. But rest assured, as a parenting intervention researcher and therapist, I want to share with you some fabulous insights on the positive outcomes that a stay-at-home […]

How to Use the Quarantine for Change…It Starts with Intentionality

“So how’s the quarantine going for you”?  This is a question that seems to be the first thing out of everyone’s mouth these days.  Kind of like the typical, “How’s the weather?” or “Did you see that the Panthers hired a new coach?”  It seems to be our new norm right now.  None of us […]